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In 1952 the Núñez-Barranco family started in the mesh industry, with chain-link (single torsion) wire mesh used mainly for fencing.


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After 10 years, machine manufacturing companies started appearing in the domestic market. These companies needed new products, woven wire mesh made with abrasion resistant wire used for screening aggregates in the cement and asphalt industries, this lead to the incorporation of new technologies for the manufacturing of screening media.

In 1968 due to the high demand and good proven quality of the screening products, the brothers Eusebio and Pedro Núñez-Barranco Garcia, create the company Talleres Núñez S.A. to be established on a 16.000 m2 plot of land, on the M-501, just outside Madrid, with all the necessary machinery and equipment for the manufacture of the screening meshes.

At the same time, new technologies would be incorporated for the crimping and looming of the different meshes and a technical department was created to follow the market demands and develop new products, first in the domestic market and immediately after in the international markets.


Foto 3_Malla Metalica Tipo A     Foto 4_Malla Metalica Tipo A Ondulada     Foto 5_Malla Metalica Tipo E Plana     Foto 6_Malla Metalica Tipo C Rectangular


In 1995 Pedro Núñez-Barranco Ruiz, asumes as new CEO and Eusebio Núñez-Barranco Moya as Technical Director of the company.

Production and high quality standards of the screened aggregates, made it necessary to create new products of higher efficiency such as the Self-cleaning screens.


Foto 7_Malla Anticolmatante Doblonda     Foto 8_Malla Anticolmatante Rectonda     Foto 9_Malla Anticolmatante Doblorec     Foto 10_Malla Anticolmatante Medionda     Foto 11_Malla Anticolmatante Multirecta


In order to extend the working life of the screens, new materials where used, like: Rubber and Polyurethane, also perforated plates for some applications.


Foto 12_Malla de Tension con refuerzo de goma     Foto 13_Poliuretano Standar Monocapa     Foto 14_Chapas reforzadas con cuadradillos


Following the tendency of dividing the screening deck into modular systems, Talleres Núñez patented its own system, making it compatible, in the installation, with other well-known systems.


Foto 15_Sistema Modular de PU TN


In these last years, Talleres Núñez, S. A. has collaborated with construction companies in the design of aggregate plants for the development of big infrastructure projects like the Panama Channel and the High speed train from Mecca to Medina and Line 1 of the Panama City metro line.