NUBA Screening Media was founded in 1968 and is now one of Europe’s most important manufacturers of screening media and accessories for the aggregate and mining industries, encompassing all the products related with screening and classication. At the same time we are constantly concerned to maintain the best quality and service that has characterised Talleres Núñez since its very outset.

Our current goal is to provide products and service all over the world, upholding our high standards while achieving controlled, continuous growth.


Our philosophy has always been to ensure the quality of our products, provide technical advice and deal directly with our customers. This is why we have a broad first-line professional team and a structural support that allows us to assume technical responsibility, both for processes and raw materials. Our wide experience in the sector enables us to offer solutions and support to our customers, thereby generating long-term relationships.


NUBA Screening Media projects itself today as one of the most prominent companies in the classication products area, being the company with the largest market share in the Iberian Peninsula and growing rapidly abroad with permanent presence in several regions. Our products are highly valued abroad, thanks to their long-standing prestige and to our wide experience and continuous customer service. We now have important customers in more than 60 countries.

Featured Products

Self-cleaning Screen Doblonda Type

  • The crimped wires form a square-shaped aperture, obtaining a precise and effective screening.


  • Its individual wires vibrate independently from one another, avoiding material build-up, pegging and blinding.


  • This type of screen is the most popular of the self-cleaning series, offering great screening capacity and precision.

Polyurethane Tension Screen TN Flex

Polyurethane has great properties as a screening material. It is abrasion-resistant, works perfectly in dry or wet screening and has elastic properties to avoid material build-up, pegging and blinding. This is why there are many different screening systems made from PU.

All these systems have to consider wear resistance, screening precision, production out-put, and ease of installation.

Talleres Núñez’s technical department and R+D+I department, in its continuous search for new advanced screening systems, have designed, developed and tested the TN Flex® system, which has almost the same screening capacity as metallic mesh, it is manufactured in PU making it wear resistant, it has metallic cables inside to withstand loads and impacts and it has great self-cleaning properties thanks to its flexible and elastic characteristics.

What brings the main novelty to the TN Flex® system is its special aperture geometry, until now square aperture has always been considered to obtain the most precision in screening. TN Flex’s aperture has a square-like shape keeping its precision, but joining one side of this square to another making the hole perimeter a little more flexible to avoid even more the pegging and blinding that may occur.

The square-like shape in this product is ensured by the position of the tension cables which avoid any deformation in the aperture when tensioned.

Polyurethane Modular System TN

  • The TN® modular system is completely interchangeable with other systems using the grooved metallic profile.


  • It works perfectly in screening and dewatering applications.


  • Panels can be replaced very fast without any specialized tools. The rubber wedge system fixes the panels tightly to the deck and the more load to be screened the tighter the wedge is fitted. To replace the panel just lift one side of the wedge and the rest comes out just as easy. No bashing or banging needed.


  • It has many different accessories to use in different situations like: a splitter module, which splits the screen deck in two, to screen two materials at the same time; deflectors, which can be added to any panel to redirect the material flow to the screening area of the deck; retainer bars, that retain material in order to distribute it evenly across the deck surface.

Rubber Tension Screen

Rubber has very good properties for high abrasive and impact resistance as well as noise reduction, which makes it a great product for pre-screening, scalping and on primary screeners, especially when screening materials with high percentage of large rocks or significant drop height.

As polyurethane screens, they have conical apertures, making screening faster and more productive.

They are classified into: tension screens, which make it easy to replace metallic meshes; and flat screen panels, manufactured with different metallic reinforcement to fit any machine.



  • It is highly recommended in pre-screeners and primary screens.
  • Its use is also recommended when the screening surface is enough for the production needed.
  • Long-lasting, use in dry and wet screening.
  • Easy to install.
  • Minimum obstruction due to the conicity and flexibility of its apertures.




  • Quality: abrasion-resistant.
  • Colour: black.
  • Flat surface.
  • Noise reduction.