Side tension

A = Inside deck width.

Spa = Outside hook dimension (OH).

Spa = A -40 mm. (for all kinds of screening surfaces except for rubber).

FL = Length of panel.

End tension

Spi = Inside Hook dimension (IH).

FL = Panel width, adjusted to the inside deck dimension A.


Screen brand and model.

Tension type:

2.1. (Option A) – Side tension screen:

– Deck length.
– Inside deck width.
– Number of decks.
– Number of screens per deck.
– Number of side plates and their length.
– Hook type, specify angle and length (if necessary send a sketch).

2.2. (Option A) – End tension screen:

– Deck length
– Inside deck width.
– Number of decks.
– Number of screens per deck.
– Hook type, specify angle and length, and thickness of tension bar (if necessary send sketch).
– Fixture description:

On fixed side: profile type and dimensions
On tension side: tension flat bar type and dimensions.

Type of screening surface:

– Type.
– Aperture.
– Wire / thickness.

For self-cleaning screens, polyurethane or rubber screens, please specify:

– Number of support points.
– Width of support points (splints, angular etc.).
– Distance between support points.Distance from inside deck to support point, measurements taken from the left side of the feed end.

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Spa: outside hook dimensions (OH).

Spi:  inside hook dimensions (IH).

FL: screen length = length of the tension plate.

L: FL + Overlap (from 20 to 40 mm, depending on the type of mesh and machine).

Supports - Side tension
Supports - End tension