NUBA Screening Media S.L., a leading company in the manufacture of cribating surfaces and accessories for the classification of aggregates and minerals, establishes the quality of its products, technical advice and direct contact with customers, as a priority commitment in its Strategic Management.

NUBA Screening Media S.L. is committed to offering a full service to customers, always looking for their satisfaction. Our commitment to staff motivation and training, efficient management of processes, compliance with established legal requirements and the needs of the different parties involved, is fundamental in this case.

For this reason, since 2001, we have implemented a Quality Management System, of which both the Management and all the company’s personnel are active. The Quality Management System implemented, ensures and allows the fulfillment of our commitments and is based on these norms of this Quality Policy, which serves as a framework to establish and review our objectives and actions for continuous improvement

The Management is committed to disseminate and communicate the Quality Policy to all levels of the Company and the different interested parties, and to provide the necessary funds for its fulfillment.


“The fundamental objective of NUBA Screening Media S.L. is to satisfy its customers worldwide, accompanied by controlled and continuous growth, using the necessary resources, to compete vis a vis of new demands. Quality management serves as a tool to achieve better products by adapting the production processes. The main objective is the customer satisfaction and to meets its expectations, which are essential elements to ensure the success of the company.”


Environmental Policy of NUBA Screening Media, S.L.


NUBA Screening Media as a manufacturer of Screening Media and Accessories for the Aggregate and Mining Industries is aware of the importance for society of the preservation of the Environment and the responsible use of available resources.


The Management of NUBA Screening Media considers as its main duty to carry out its business activity in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Therefore, it is committed to promote, energize and provide the necessary resources for compliance with the following fundamental principles based on the prevention, protection and conservation of the Environment:


  • Compliance with the established legal requirements and other requirements applicable to the environmental aspects.
  • Development of measurable objectives, targets and environmental programs, that serve for continuous improvement.
  • Development to prevent pollution and avoid the environmental impacts caused by the organization and, when this is not possible, to implement measures to minimize them
  • Promoting the environmental awareness of workers, in order to apply the appropriate environmentally friendly measures.
  • Reduction of waste, recycling and reuse whenever possible, as well as efficient use of natural resources.
  • Establishment of processes for the periodic review of compliance with our environmental obligations, and the application of corrective measures, if necessary.
  • Communication of the Environmental Policy to all people who work for the Organization, or on its behalf, keep it documented and available to all interested parties.