Perforated Metal Plate Wear-resistant steel

We manufacture customised perforated metal plate from extreme wear-resistant steel. This steel is made to withstand the toughest working conditions; it has a great combination of high hardness, high strength and good toughness.

HB 400 – 450 steels have high elasticity and resistance, being appropriate for bending, curving, machining and welding.

HB 500 steel supports intense wear and is appropriate for cases involving strong erosion by hard minerals and other abrasive materials.

HB 550 steel has a hardness of 550 Brinell and the toughness of 500, increasing wear life but maintaining flexibility to avoid cracking.

HB 600 steel has the highest wear resistance strength on the market. It is to support an extreme abrasion index.

Laser and water jet cutting.


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