Polyurethane Tension Screen Poliuflex

Due to its cable reinforcement in between almost every aperture it reduces the blind areas and increases its capacity to make it similar to metallic meshes, but with the wear resistance of PU.


Installing Poliuflex® screens requires no modification of the deck or tension system. It is installed just the same as a metallic screen, but while doing so bear in mind:

  • Each Poliuflex® screen must be tensioned by individual tension plates.
  • State the amount and distance of the deck’s support bars. Wherever there is a support bar a blind area should be placed to reinforce the screen.
  • As in metallic meshes, make sure that when tensioned the hooks of the screen don’t touch the inside of the screens walls.
  • If the Poliuflex® screen requires a centre hold-down bar, make sure not to cut any of the cables inside the screen.


Frequently check the tension of the Poliuflex®, screens and re-tension if required. In the event of material build-up, pegging or blinding, do not use sharp metallic objects to clear it, if necessary use declogging rods, or look at TN Flex® screens.
A positive result is obtained by keeping the screen working without any load when meshes are installed for the first time.


For more information on this product, please download the pdf file from the PDF Download area.