Polyurethane Tension Screen TN Flex

Polyurethane has great properties as a screening material. It is abrasion-resistant, works perfectly in dry or wet screening and has elastic properties to avoid material build-up, pegging and blinding. This is why there are many different screening systems made from PU.

All these systems have to consider wear resistance, screening precision, production out-put, and ease of installation.

Talleres Núñez’s technical department and R+D+I department, in its continuous search for new advanced screening systems, have designed, developed and tested the TN Flex® system, which has almost the same screening capacity as metallic mesh, it is manufactured in PU making it wear resistant, it has metallic cables inside to withstand loads and impacts and it has great self-cleaning properties thanks to its flexible and elastic characteristics.

What brings the main novelty to the TN Flex® system is its special aperture geometry, until now square aperture has always been considered to obtain the most precision in screening. TN Flex’s aperture has a square-like shape keeping its precision, but joining one side of this square to another making the hole perimeter a little more flexible to avoid even more the pegging and blinding that may occur.

The square-like shape in this product is ensured by the position of the tension cables which avoid any deformation in the aperture when tensioned.


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