Polyurethane Modular System TN

  • The TN® modular system is completely interchangeable with other systems using the grooved metallic profile.


  • It works perfectly in screening and dewatering applications.


  • Panels can be replaced very fast without any specialized tools. The rubber wedge system fixes the panels tightly to the deck and the more load to be screened the tighter the wedge is fitted. To replace the panel just lift one side of the wedge and the rest comes out just as easy. No bashing or banging needed.


  • It has many different accessories to use in different situations like: a splitter module, which splits the screen deck in two, to screen two materials at the same time; deflectors, which can be added to any panel to redirect the material flow to the screening area of the deck; retainer bars, that retain material in order to distribute it evenly across the deck surface.


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