Other wedge wire products

Flat sieves
Flat sieves are flat panels of welded profile wire, fixed to a frame and adapted to assembly. Depending on the kind of application, flat sieves can be divided into:


Sieves working in dynamic systems:

  • panels to be incorporated in vibrating sieves.
  • special reinforcement depending on the sieve load is necessary.
  • special finishing to guarantee secure, long working time and proper fixing of the sieve to the application frame.


Sieves working in static systems:

  • do not require any special reinforcements,
  • can work as bottoms and decks in tanks and storage reservoirs and sumps


Arch sieves
Arch sieves are mainly used for dewatering and separation of solid particles from liquids. Depending on the kind of application, they can be divided into arch sieves with gravitational loading or arch sieves with pressured loading.

The application of arch sieve provides:

  • Uniform flow onto the sieve (using the whole sieve surface)
  • High speed of flow onto the sieve
  • Increased classification effectiveness and efficiency (due to the possibility of applying the working wire at a defined angle relative to support wire).


Gutter sieves
Gutter sieves are used as bottoms of screw conveyors, where in addition to dewatering or separation, transportation is also required.


Conical sieves and baskets
Conical sieves and conical baskets are mainly used in dewatering centrifuges. They can be divided into two categories depending on their working system:


Working in dynamic system:

  • for all kinds of centrifuges.
  • with self-supporting structure consisting of ribs, rings, flanges which constitute an integral part of the sieve construction. After a period of exploitation the whole basket has to be replaced.
  • without the supporting structure.
  • as screening insert for non-disposable structural frames. The only thing to be replaced is the screen insert


Working in static systems:

  • filter cartridges
  • filter elements for pipelines


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